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Membership fees based on a per ft monthly basis.

Membership packages include our A-team Captains Yacht management wholesale marine parts or provisioning purchasing network which saves time and money by having access, the savings are transferred to your Yacht management account, calculated on each transaction and sent to your dedicated online management account which includes your order delivery information so that scheduling concerns can be addressed before they become a hindrance.

Memberships are organized into three main category’s:

The Admiral Ocean Master

Our A-Team Licensed Capts can undertake full time duty providing all yacht management spectrums for an annual flat fee, Rate’s are calculated on the lenght of the Vessel and the amount of vessel excursion usage. 

The Ateam Captain Yacht Management approach is simple, for example if you dont use your yacht as much as you had intended for any given year then the cost for the management services would be gauranteed not to exceed the standard usual customary cost for the same amount of required supportive resources that would have ordinarily been assessed, on the other hand if you use your Yacht more than what was intially planned, (for any given year while still under contract) the cost for our services stays the same, (providing the number of crew and the job descriptions are not amended). Contractual obligations provided to our exclusive members gaurantee Master Captain Engineers that hold a minimum of 100 ton to unlimted tonage licenses with no geographical or security clearance issues.

The Captain

Master Captain & small crew can book arrangements for up to 120 days with a variety of local or long distance destinations (200 miles coastel) including but not limited to required yacht maintanance supervisions on the Hard for yacht motor re outfit, general repairs and interior and exterior yacht restorations.

The First Mate

If your needs are requiring local Yacht delivery (up to 50 miles) assistance for your vessel from your dock to the yard, seasonal maintenance or general repairs.