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Yacht Repairs and Restorations

A -Team commitment to excellence to our members is the finest in quality and service for yacht repairs or refits with over 100 years of combined experience. Our A-Team Captains yacht management team is one of the premier yacht restoration service provder organizations.

In addition our A-Team Captains repair and refit marine mechanical engineers can handle vessels up to 180 feet and whenever and whatever the weather’s doing. A-Team Captains always deliver its repairs on time, as well as provide it members yachts covered storage when nessessary while their vessels are being repaired, The dockmaster can arrange all your storage needs.

A -Team Captains Yacht Management ship yard workforce is made up of the industry’s fully trained craftsmen and technicians. They work with top state-of-the-art equipment and tools to provide the very best in service. Our Machanical macninary division for example can make propeller shafts and possesses the latest in optical alignment gear to make sure they run true. As a complement to there our Propeller Division with a dynamic balancer to make sure the props are correct as well. The Carpentry Department is staffed by an experienced team of experts in joinery, deck laying, and cabinetry. The A-Team Captains are also renowned for providing the absolute finest in marine exterior paint restorations. Support is always available at a moments notice in our new and improved marine electrical, AC, Welding, and Marine Hydraulic departments.

A-Team Captains yacht captain specialists will check for damage and maintenance needs as soon as a yacht is hauled and make the recommendations for repairs on the spot. Having approved Captains with training in all the required trades and equipment usage can provide a complete full service team which translates into less expensive refits and repairs with the quickest turnaround time.