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The A-team Captains Specialize in complete yacht management for hands on or absentee Yacht owners.

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The A-team Captains Specialize in complete yacht management for hands on or absentee Yacht owners.

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The A-team Captains Specialize in complete yacht management for hands on or absentee Yacht owners.

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The A-Team Captains are 100 Ton USCG, TWIC, Bonded, 1500 to 3000 Gt Engineers and  Nremt or Paramedic certified, providing complete yacht management services for owners in need of skill and professionalism. The Ateam Captains services include, Yacht Sales, Yacht Purchases, Yacht Delivery’s, Yacht Restorations, Yacht Repairs as well as a host of periodic scheduled Yacht maintenance services. Ateam Captains Yacht Management is Headquartered in Fort Pierce Florida, with Satellite offices in Stuart, Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Ft Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa, St Augustine, Jacksonville, throughout United States and the Islands of The Bahamas. Our Yacht Marine management solutions are dedicated to eliminate the time spent on maintaining your vessel. Just some of the Skilled Services available to our members include Ac and refrigeration repairs, electrical repairs, mechanical repairs, Vessel Handling, navigation, instruction, above and below the waterline complete restoration and detailing. General Maintenance Services can be scheduled Weekly, Bi weekly or on a monthly basis.


You save money on marine repairs and services through our Ateam wholesale purchase network

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Our management network includes Ateam Captains approved service providers that pass wholesale pur- chase savings to its exclusive members for electrical or mechanical repairs, diving services, yacht delivery, surveys, sea trials, charters, boat handling instruc- tion, navigation, above and below the waterline. complete restoration and detailing services..

The Ateam Captains yacht delivery services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for yacht owners, yacht brokers

A professional crew is an essential element of the onboard experience. Our Crew Placement candidates have the highest 

A-Team Yacht Captains Management is quickly becoming the largest and most useful online resource for yacht charter enthusiasts.

The A – Team Captains Yacht Management takes into account provisioning primarily for crossings preparing for water

A -Team commitment to excellence to our members is the finest in quality and service for yacht repairs or refits with over 100 years
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Owning a yacht implies having many technical and equipment installations remain properly functioning for your safety

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