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The financial administration of a yacht is indeed a multi-faceted operation. We believe that having one significant service provider overlooking all the major operations of the yacht not only ensures peace of mind for the owner but contributes in making the venture of owning and operating a yacht a truly successful on

A-Team Yacht Captains Management utilizes a dedictaed bank account for each yacht account we contract, supervising and managing financial transactions of all yacht expenditures working with annual budgets providing detailed reports on a monthly, qaurtely and annual basis.

The financial administration of activity undertaken by commercially registered, private or corperate yacht ownership is an enterprise which involves the skill and monitoring of a team of individuals trained and experienced at delivering these services. A-Team Captains Yacht Management deliver a complete finacial management services through various approved professionals in the field, including lawyers, accountants, auditors, financial controllers, banking and technical experts. the marine assets activity.

Our financial administrative plan is one which ensures that the owner is not solely presented with an end of week/month budget of all the costs made by the daily operation of the yacht but rather that the owner is informed beforehand on all the cash flow projections and the cost deductions through the setting up of a proper operational budget comprising all the facets of the marine assets activity.